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26.02.2021 - Application of Zond-12e GPR in East Antarctica


The GPR method is widely used in engineering geophysics, it allows quick and high-detail study of the near-surface structure. In recent years, its advantages, including rapidity and simplified use, have found application in safety of transport and logistic operations in Antarctica. The GPR survey of ice tracks is a standard activity. Engineering geophysical surveys have been done in the area of ​​Progress station in 2019-2020, as a part of the 65th Russian Antarctic Expedition. The Zond-12e GPR has been used for the mapping of the dangerous glaciological objects

Russian Antarctic Station Progress, East Antarctica, 2019/2020.

Photos by Svetlana Grigoreva, SPbGU, FBGU "AANII" (www.aari.ru).