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PrismMobile software (Obsolete) is intended for a palmtop PC – personal digital assistant (PDA) – guided by the operating system Windows Mobile® 6/6.5 (limitedly Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5) and functioning as part of the georadar Zond-12e Advanced or Python GPR.


All of the georadar parameters (except the on/off function) are controlled via a PDA which facilitates operation of the hardware. PrismMobile outputs warnings anr recommendations if settings are incorrect. PrismMobile has userfriendly touchable (by stylus or finger) interface for georadar management and data acquisition.

To mark reasonable places operator may touch a button to put the 'mark' in necessary place of profile. It is possible to detect exact depth of point target in profile by one stylus or finger click, or find and correct a permittivity value on any found hyperbolic target of the profile without data acquisition stopping ("on the fly").




  • Colored or grayscale acquisition mode
  • Digital gain function applying
  • Record of current coordinates from GPS receiver in NMEA-0183 format via Bluetooth interface
  • Distance measurement from real-time wheel



  • user-friendly interface
  • World wide data format SEG-Y
  • 9 point digital gain function
  • Real-time depth detecting of any point on the profile
  • Real-time permittivity correction on visible hyperbola


To download CAB-installation and PrismMobile User's Manual click here...


PrismMobile software is obsolete and not supported anymore...


PrismMobile screenshots: