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750 MHz antenna system, shielded, air launched


  • Performance: separated transmitting and receiving
  • Input power: 0.25 A @ 12 V DC by cable from control unit
  • Dimension: 35x20x15 cm each
  • Weight: 2 kg each & handle 1 kg
  • Receiver sensitivity: 120 mcV
  • Receiver gain: 10 dB
  • Transmitter output: 200 V
  • Resolution and depth: 0.15-0.2 x 1.5-3 m*




Zond-12e GPR system shielded air launched 750 MHz antenna system is general purpose antenna system with coupled transmitting and receiving antennas with possibility to work in lifted position, specially designed for railroad embankment inspection.

* Relationship between resolution and sounding depth is assumed that sounding is made in a soil whose relative dielectric permittivity is equal to 4 and specific attenuation is 1 to 2 dB/m. Depth of investigation is understood to be detection depth of a flat boundary with reflectance equal to 1. Note that these data are rather approximate and are strongly dependent on parameters of the environment sounded.